What do you want to achieve with this project?

Since the beginning of the year, the GFR has been reflecting on the need for refugees and migrants based in Greece to be better taken into consideration by policy-makers. This implies an increased awareness, understanding and interest from the refugees/migrants themselves in actively participating in the civic and political sphere of the country. Therefore, in the framework of this project, the main aim revolves around an increased knowledge of political participation among this category of population as well as a greater interest from policy-makers in addressing their needs in this field.

More precisely, the objectives set are as follow:

  • Campaigning to inform on the importance of voting during the upcoming EU elections;
  • Raising awareness among the refugee communities established in Greece on issues related to the access to citizenship as well as the importance of their civic and political participation;
  • Advocating towards policy-makers and the relevant authorities in order to foster their interest in taking into account refugees and migrants’ needs and impediments witnessed in related field.
Do you need help to put your idea into practice?

Our main objective is the awareness-raising and the activeness of the refugee/migrant communities on these issues. This is why we believe that these kind of projects and initiatives are necessary to be sustainable in a long term time-framework.

What are the details of the project?

We organized the main activities of this project as follows:

  • The creation of a self-advocator team constituted from representatives of the GFR’s communities.
  • A field research in order to highlight the importance of the voting procedure in a National and European level, as well as, gathering feedback on the level of the political knowledge the refugee/migrant communities possess.
  • A series of videos involving community member representatives, as well as politicians, highlighting the importance of interaction and encouraging an open discussion on these issues between both sides.
  • Several workshops that underline the legal framework gaps regarding the political rights of refugees and migrants and provide them the necessary tools concerning the importance of voting.
  • Alongside with this project the GFR is involved in the Vote Europa campaign supported by the Migration Policy Group (MPG) and the European Parliament, the aim of which is to increase voters participation in the upcoming  european elections. Our activities revolve around interviewing different focus groups (EU citizens/2nd generation immigrants who obtained citizenship/students etc) among other things. We are using the results of these activities in order to have comparable data regarding the self-advocator’s team we are forming.