What do you want to achieve with this project?

The Eurocitoyens is a unique network of 70+ pro-European civil society organisations in France. Its main objective is to encourage cooperation, rather than competition, between major pro-EU actors in France. Our organisations are convinced that cooperation and solidarity among citizens will contribute to building a humanist European project serving peace, justice, education, equality, solidarity and more broadly, human dignity.

In 2018, the Eurocitoyens have been very active in organizing European “citizens’ consultations” launched in France by Emmanuel Macron in between April and October 2018. In order to allow its network to be more efficient in organization of inclusive and interactive events, 2 workshops have been organized – which allowed the Eurocitoyens to create several useful pedagogic resources, namely a “Short guide of collective intelligence“.

Before the European elections of 2019, our aim is to build on the feedback and results of the “citizens’ consultations” in order to expand our communication and carry out common actions for the French public. On the ground, a common “Eurocitoyens” label is put on various events all over France in order to increase their visibility. In Paris, the Eurocitoyens man a booth devoted to the European elections for 10 days in May in one of the most popular concert & shop spaces of the city, Ground Control.

On the social networks, the Eurocitoyens continue to deploy their campaign via the common Twitter account, putting an emphasis on promoting photos and videos in order to encourage citizens’ interest in European topics and EU elections. One of the recent campaigns included posting motivational photos with teddy bears whose popularity is currently increasing in Paris! This communication also allows to ensure a better visibility for each member’s respective campaigns.