What do you want to achieve with this project?

Is the party you’re thinking of voting for in bed with parties from other countries that are violating basic values? If you’re voting centre left, centre right or liberal, then the answer is yes.

If mainstream political groups kicked out their bad apples, could they make a majority coalition committed to protecting our fundamental values? What would happen if all the parties currently in trouble with the EU were to join forces with political groups that are openly against fundamental values? Our #Vote4Values elections tracker will bring you the answers based on the latest polling data.

Do you need help to put your idea into practice?

Help us spread the word about this democracy tool that is available in 14 European languages:

Here is the tracker!

What can you use the elections tracker for?

We’ve created a series of infographics showing you how pro- and anti-values parties are expected to perform in the European Parliament elections. This should let you see:

  • What proportion of MEPs are anti-values, which political groups they belong to, and how they’re expected to do in the elections.
  • Possible coalitions that could be formed to protect basic values if political groups are willing to kick out their bad apples.
  • Possible anti-values coalitions that could be formed if mainstream political groups decide to collaborate with anti-values political groups and parties.
Topics the proposal focuses on
  • campaign online
  • elections
  • European Parliament