AMIF Call for proposals: Transnational actions on asylum, migration and integration

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Deadline for application: 30 January 2020

The European Union’s objective to constitute an area of freedom, security and justice should be achieved, inter alia, through common measures framing a policy on asylum and immigration, based on solidarity between Member States, which is fair towards third countries and their nationals. In order to contribute to the development of the common Union policy on asylum and immigration and to the strengthening of the area of freedom, security and justice in the light of the application of the principles of solidarity and responsibility-sharing between the Member States and cooperation with third countries, the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) was set up. It aims at supporting actions to contribute to the efficient management of migration flows and the implementation, strengthening and development of a common Union approach to asylum and immigration. The 2019 AMIF work programme for Union action (AWP)1 includes:

  • Actions to reduce the incentives for irregular migration (helping third-countries to meet their obligations as regards readmitting their own nationals residing irregularly in the EU, support for reintegration measures, providing information and awareness-raising on the risks of irregular migration, tackling migrant smuggling, support for the deployment of European migration liaison officers); and
  • Actions relating to the integration of third-country nationals into Member States’ societies.

The legal bases of AMIF are the following:

  • Regulation (EU) No 516/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 establishing the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund2 (“the AMIF Regulation”)
  • Regulation (EU) No 514/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 laying down general provisions on the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and on the instrument for financial support for police cooperation, preventing and combating crime, and crisis management3 (“the Horizontal Regulation”). 1C(2019) 3371 final 2 OJ L 150, 20/5/2014, p. 168. 3 OJ L 150, 20/5/2014, p. 112. Call : AMIF-2019-AG EU Grants: Call document (AMIF 2019) : V1.0 – 29.07.2019

The AMIF Regulation sets out four specific objectives:

I. strengthen and develop all aspects of the Common European Asylum System, including its external dimension

II. support legal migration to the Member States in accordance with their economic and social needs, such as labour market needs, while safeguarding the integrity of the immigration systems of Member States, and to promote the effective integration of third-country nationals

III. enhance fair and effective return strategies in the Member States which contribute to combating illegal immigration, with an emphasis on sustainability of return and effective readmission in the countries of origin and transit

IV. enhance solidarity and responsibility-sharing between the Member States, in particular towards those most affected by migration and asylum flows, including through practical cooperation.


The present Call for proposals aims at funding projects in seven topics:

Topic 1: Fostering the integration of persons in need of protection through private sponsorship schemes

Topic 2: Social orientation of newly arrived third-country nationals through involvement of local communities, including mentoring and volunteering activities

Topic 3: Social and economic integration of migrant women

Topic 4: Awareness raising and information campaigns on the risks of irregular migration in selected third countries and within Europe

Topic 5: Support to victims of trafficking in human beings

Topic 6: Protection of children in migration

Topic 7: Transnational projects by Member States for training of experts in the area of asylum and immigration Each project application submitted under the present Call for proposals must address only one of the following topics (if you wish to address more than one topic of the call, you need to submit a separate proposal under each topic in the submission page).

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