[Call for applications] ENCC UP Grants

Deadline for applications: 10 February 2021

Are you a socio-cultural centre running a project or an initiative on sustainability? Do you want to make your work visible and recognised on the European level and apply for a microgrant to support your organisation in developing it?

The ENCC introduces its UP Grants, a microgrant scheme open to all socio-cultural centres throughout Europe.

This scheme aims to support sustainability initiatives already in place, in order to boost them, provide visibility and inspire others.

ENCC UP Grants are a combination of a classic award and a microgrant, as we would like not only to reward existing best practices, but also to give them the possibility and the push for further development – a dynamic initiative in a changing context.

Who may apply?

All ENCC members, members of ENCC networks, and all non-profit socio-cultural centres in Europe may apply for an ENCC UP Grant.
Feel free to submit one or several proposals (though each organisation will only be awarded one grant maximum).

The application process is kept simple, to prioritise action over administration.

More information