[Call for Proposals] 2021 Fund for Covid Solidarity

Deadline for proposals: 6 October 2021

The Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe has opened its first call for proposals for the “2021 Fund for Covid Solidarity“, offering grants of up to €50,000 to organisations working on a wide range of thematic issues.

The call is seeking proposals on a wide range of thematic areas but that align with the broad objectives of the fund, contributing towards gender equality and women’s rights.

These thematic areas include:

  • Access to economic resources, entrepreneurship, digital divide.
  • Access to education and training: promoting opportunities for education and vocational training, including communications and information technologies.
  • Violence Against Women/health and social protection: combatting gender-based violence, securing access to healthcare and social protection.
  • Climate change and gender.
  • Technology development and innovation.

The fund is the first pillar of a two-part initiative which comprises both a pooled fund, contributed to by the three founding members, Fondation CHANEL, King Baudouin Foundation and the L’Oréal Fund for Women, and knowledge platform.