[Call for Proposals] A European public sphere: a new online media offer for young Europeans

Deadline for application: 22 July 2020

This Call for Proposals follows the EP Pilot Project “A European public sphere: a new online media offer for young Europeans”. It seeks proposals of consortia gathering at least 5 media organisations from at least 5 EU Member States, to produce daily, thought-provoking content from across Europe around current affairs, particularly targeting young Europeans.

Objectives of the pilot project:

Increased availability of online information, in different languages, around European topics that affect young people across the EU, presented in engaging formats and through multiple viewpoints. Engaging discussions and youth events.

Expected results:

  • Collaboration between at least 5 media organisations from 5 EU Member States;
  • Creation of daily, thought-provoking content around current affairs, through¬†innovative cross-border editorial processes;
  • An outreach plan, to reach as many young Europeans as possible;
  • Distribution via own channels, partner websites, blogs and/or social media networks;
  • Engaging discussions and youth events.


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