[Call for Proposals] European Youth Together 2020

Deadline for Applications: 28 July 2020

Launched by the European Commission, the European Youth Together 2020 projects aim to promote young people’s participation in European public life as well as cross-border exchanges and mobility activities.
The project is built on the experience obtained through the ‘New Narrative for Europe’ project, the European Youth Goals and Eurobarometer findings on young people’s priorities and other youth policy and programme initiatives, including projects selected under this action in 2018 and 2019, aiming to promote young people’s participation in European civic life as well as cross-border exchanges and mobility activities. Its actions should particularly address challenges related to inclusive participation for all young people, regardless of their background or situation, that emerged against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

European Youth Together projects aim to create networks promoting regional partnerships, and to be run in close cooperation with young people from across Europe (Erasmus+ Programme Countries).
The networks would organise exchanges, promote trainings (for instance for youth leaders), and allow young people themselves to set up joint projects, all of which could be done through both physical and online activities.
European Youth Together seeks to support initiatives from at least five youth organisations from five different eligible Erasmus+ Programme Countries to share their ideas about the EU, encourage wider civic participation and help foster a sense of European citizenship. The initiative aims to bring together European youth from across Europe; East, West, North and South.

Thematic priorities
For 2020 the thematic priorities are the promotion of EU Youth Goals #3#4 and #10, namely ‘Inclusive Societies’, ‘Information and Constructive Dialogue’ and ‘Sustainable and Green Europe.
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, youth networks could consider ways of forging solidarity and inclusiveness, which concur with challenges related to digital skills and green lifestyles.

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