[Call for proposals] Support for information measures relating to the EU Cohesion policy

Deadline for applications: 10 December 2019

With this call for proposals, the European Commission seeks to select potential beneficiaries for the implementation of a number of information measures co-financed by the EU. The main aim is to provide support for the production and dissemination of information and content linked to EU Cohesion policy, while respecting complete editorial independence of the actors involved.

There are two main actions foreseen:
Action 1 – Support for the production and dissemination of information and content linked to EU Cohesion policy by media and other eligible entities
Action 2 – Promotion of EU Cohesion policy by Universities and other educational institutions

Applicants can submit only one application for one action for this call for proposals.

The specific objectives of this call for proposals are:
 To promote and foster a better understanding of the role of Cohesion policy in supporting all EU’s regions;
 To increase awareness of projects funded by the EU – through Cohesion policy in particular – and of their impact on people’s lives;
 To disseminate information and encourage an open dialogue on Cohesion policy, its results, its role in delivering on the EU’s political priorities and on its future;
 To encourage civic participation in matters related to Cohesion policy and to foster citizens’ participation to setting priorities for the future of this policy.

The proposals shall illustrate and assess the role of Cohesion policy in delivering the European Commission’s political priorities and in addressing current and future challenges for the EU, its Member States, its regions and the local level. More specifically, they should relate to the contribution of Cohesion policy to:
 boosting jobs, growth and investment at the regional and national level, and improving citizens’ quality of life;
 helping deliver on the EU’s and Member States’ major priorities – which include, in addition to job and growth creation, addressing climate change, protecting environment, enhancing research and innovation, among others;
 enhancing economic, social and territorial cohesion in the EU while reducing disparities between and within EU countries and regions;
 helping regions harness globalisation by finding their niche in the world economy;
 reinforcing the European project as Cohesion policy directly serves EU citizens.

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