[Call for Proposals] The EU System for an Enabling Environment for Civil Society (EU SEE)

Deadline for applications: 13th March 2023

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The ability of CSOs to participate in different domains of public life depends on a set of preconditions
commonly referred to as the “CSO enabling environment”, for which different actors carry responsibility.
Universally agreed key elements to create and maintain a safe and enabling environment for civil society
include a robust legal framework in compliance with international standards (aligned with the universal
rights to freedom of association and peaceful assembly, freedom of expression, and other related
fundamental freedoms), a conducive political and societal environment; access to information; meaningful participation by civil society in decision-making processes; access to funding and long-term support.

For the purpose of this call, the enabling environment is understood to be comprised of: A legal framework and a regulatory environment that support and promote CSOs’ work rather than constrain it; access to funding that allow CSOs to operate in a way that is responsive to the individuals and communities they serve or represent; access to information; access to spaces for dialogue and collaboration with governments and other development actors; meaningful participation in policy and decision making; positive values, norms and attitudes towards civil society.

It is to be understood as also encompassing the digital environment for civil society and related fundamental freedoms.