European AI Fund – Open call 2022

Deadline for applications: 25 July 2022

Full call here

Artificial Intelligence and automated decision making are transforming the world. But too often these technologies are developed without consideration for the needs of the individuals and communities they affect. For a fair, inclusive and sustainable future, a wide range of voices must help decide what role AI should play in European societies. The European AI Fund works to make sure civil society is heard loud and clear.

We are now inviting applications for core funding of between €50,000 and €250,000 over two years that will support organisations to build policy and advocacy capacity. The deadline for applications is 25 July 2022.

The European AI Fund empowers a diverse ecosystem of civil society organisations to shape technology and policy around Artificial Intelligence. We support specialist organisations working on digital issues to have greater impact. And we support organisations focused on other issues such as climate, race, migration, labour rights or justice among others to better understand how AI affects the communities they represent and advocate for their needs.

We are a young Fund and this is only our second Open Call. We are incredibly proud of the work our first Open Call grantees have achieved. They have amplified the voice of civil society during a crucial phase of regulation development around Artificial Intelligence. Through sustained and strategic advocacy, as well as effective co-ordination, they have achieved tangible impact.

But the work is not done. As new legislation comes into force, it’s important that it’s effectively enforced. Technical standards must be developed that work in the interest of the public. Numerous other initiatives continue to emerge at European, national and international levels. Civil society must have the capacity and resilience to continue to shape technology policy for the long term. To support this, we are opening a second call for proposals.

We offer flexible core funding as well as non-financial support like training and network-building. We try to understand what each of our partners needs and let them be in the driver’s seat.

The European AI Fund 2022 Open Call offers a total of 1.8m euros in core funding to support organisations on two fronts:

  • Organisations that already focus on AI and its impacts: support to strengthen their policy and advocacy capacity
  • Organisations that focus primarily on other issues: support to build up their expertise and capacity around AI and its impacts on the communities they represent