Week of civic engagement – Funding for small projects

If you need a financial grant to implement your action during the week of civic engagement, you can apply for two types of funding here:

Small and local projects: Aktion Mensch supports free, non-profit organizations with up to 5,000€ in fees and material costs with the “noch viel mehr vor” funding campaign. For the support you need no own funds.

Accessibility: Would you like to make your events and activities accessible? Then submit an application to Aktion Mensch with the “Accessibility” promotion (same link above). Non-profit organizations can be supported with up to € 5,000 for purchases and small-scale projects to remove barriers (such as ramps, barrier-free sanitary facilities, communication facilities).

The aim is that the projects and events promoted by our partner Aktion Mensch promote inclusion in all areas of society and are open to all those interested.

Please state the “week of civic engagement from September 14th to 23rd” as a funding purpose for both funding actions.

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