Co-create your NGO network

Citizens For Europe is a “garden” and together we grow with the knowledge provided by our members.

Created by and for European civil society actors, Citizens for Europe is the starting point for citizen organisations and movements to highlight and share projects, events, good and bad practices.

Here, the community starts to co-create their activities by acknowledging the work of its members. We help each other to connect, form alliances, and to share tips when dealing with decision-makers.

In this way self-managed little networks grow inside the garden and evolve into powerful players in civil society who not only build their own projects, but also become co-owners of the projects of other members.


To encourage interaction in the civil society community, the Citizens For Europe Steering Committee provides networking and financial support to projects that benefit the members and the creation of links and synergies. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Giving visibility to projects through this Website and our social media channels
  • Support to a Working Group to help Citizens For Europe members develop a common project.
  • Support for proposals and ideas submitted by an organization through this Website.

Any support given has one long term aim: To overcome competition between civil society organisations and to encourage co-creation.

Breaking the traditional project management cycles and involving the community at an early stage of idea finding are the preferred modes of operation.

So, instead of simply answering calls for projects or putting out money, we encourage everybody, including grant makers and grantees, to apply multiple feedback loops asking meaningful questions about citizens’ participation in society at any given time.

If you want to send something in or just want to discuss ideas, or learn how you can become part of a Working Group, please contact Christian Miess, the Citizens For Europe Network Coordinator. He will help you to make use of the Website, connect with community members, and the Steering Committee.

In general, decisions of any kind are taken by consensus in the Steering Committee in offline meetings several times a year using participatory methods or in Skype meetings, should need be.

Want to help?

Are you a grant maker looking to support interesting projects? Citizens For Europe can give you access to many projects – allowing you the flexibility to decide how, and to what purpose, your money will be assigned. Please contact Christian Miess, the Citizens For Europe Network Coordinator for more information on how you can step in.