Mission Statement

Citizens for Europe (CFEU) is a community of engaged European citizens from NGOs, foundations, media, public authorities, willing to expand their networks, share resources and exchange good (and bad) practices. It also serves as a networking platform with hundreds of organisations and initiatives throughout Europe. Organizations at CFEU support each other to create a more participatory and democratic Europe.

At CFEU we strive to make the most out of your project and build trustful relationships between organizations. Besides actively taking part in civil society discourses, CFEU offers a funding scheme to provide its members with flexible small-scale project grants (3-10k EUR), co-creation of activities (up to 3k EUR) and small travel grants (500-1000 EUR). Unlike many other granting mechanisms, we consider our support an investment in the community; we therefore expect the beneficiaries to actively contribute to the development of the platform via content creation and resource sharing.

Support is given on a rolling basis and through calls, available in the What we do section of this Website. Please also check third party resources made available to the community in the Resource section! In order to be considered for support, and organization needs a public profile on this Website.¬†Any organization that identifies with Europe’s values of human rights, democracy and diversity can become part of this Europe-wide active community by logging in to the site.