Mission Statement

Citizens for Europe (CFEU) is a community of engaged European citizens from NGOs, foundations, media, public authorities, willing to expand their networks, share resources and exchange good (and bad) practices. Citizens for Europe serves as a networking platform with hundreds of organisations and initiatives throughout Europe. Organizations at CFEU support each other to create a more participatory and democratic Europe.

At CFEU we try to find more participatory ways of grant making and supporting civil society organizations to make the most of any project and build trustful long term relationships. In order to support civil society organizations in the built-up of these structures, the CFEU Core Team specializes in 1) networking and thematic exchange for a community of CSOs as well as 2) awarding of seed funding for projects with democratic innovation potential.

Unlike many other granting mechanisms, we consider our support as an investment in the community; this is why the Core Team sees beneficiaries as strategic and long term partners and expect them to actively contribute to the development of the community via content creation and resource sharing through the platform and their own networks.