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Bridging Europe (BREF) is an independent, nonprofit, result-oriented think-tank and training institute that works with and prepare young policy-makers and scholars for leadership roles. It neither expresses, nor represents, any specific political party view. It is only devoted to the right of free and well-documented discourse.

Legal form

Non profit organisation, Think tank, Training institute

Organisation/collective objectives

Bridging Europe’s goals are, among others:

  • Strengthening the participation of EU citizens, and most particularly of young ones, in policies and participatory processes,
  • Empowering European democracy,
  • Empowering the dialogue among EU citizens on a range of issues of European Politics,
  • Preparing and examining complete policy proposals,
  • Giving prominence to young scientists and policy-makers in the the European Union
  • Main activities
Research Projects & Information Campaigns:
  • EU Migration Policy
  • EU-Turkey Dialogue Initiative
  • EU Constitutional Reform
  • Rethink Education
  • Cyprus Issue
Vision of Europe

Bridging Europe strongly believes in the European vision and support the role young leaders should have on it. The European Union is faced with increasing challenges and risks that are either poorly addressed or severely ignored. We believe that the best way to anticipate and mitigate risks is to start building on the knowledge capacity and engaging force of its citizens, a condition that steps down to applied politics though insightful information analysis, synergies, and widespread cooperation from mind-like actors.

We perceive the European Union as a broader federal state that needs to develop policies that will foremost accommodate the concerns of its citizens. We firmly take into account all the established actors and factors (i.e. governments, resources, demographics, etc) but to those, we add the ones that matter the most: informal institutions and networks of citizens, new forms of political mobilization, as well as cultural codes that shape people’s beliefs and scopes. We bring the human factor and the essence of participation in the frontline.