[Funding] European Culture of Solidarity Ukraine edition

The European Cultural Foundation has launched the Culture of Solidarity Fund as a public-philanthropic partnership to support cultural initiatives that, in the midst of a turmoil and crisis, reinforce European solidarity and the idea of Europe as a shared public space. After five successful European, regional and thematic editions they open the European Culture of Solidarity Ukraine edition.

Putin has brought back war to Europe. This war on Ukraine is a war on Europe. As Europeans, we stand resolutely in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and all those, including in Russia, who resist Putin’s attempt to rewrite European borders and European history. For more than six decades, the European Cultural Foundation has advocated for and invested in a European sentiment, a feeling of mutual comprehension and solidarity between the peoples of Europe. Today, the war in Ukraine asks for a new urgency to this mission. We call on our public, private and philanthropic partners to join us in supporting those who fight anti-European values. The Culture of Solidarity Fund has already responded to some of the most urgent humanitarian needs of the arts and culture community in Ukraine, including the evacuation of archives and collections of cultural NGOs. We collaborate with other foundations to join forces and share resources, actions and ideas. There is no more urgent time and place to invest in the European sentiment and show European solidarity with Ukraine.

The special Ukraine edition of the European Culture of Solidarity Fund is now open for considering cultural emergency requests and joint European actions to stand with Ukraine.

This edition of the Fund will specifically, support European cultural initiatives in the following areas:

  • independent, alternative and inclusive information sharing in (digital) media that counters propaganda filter bubbles, fake news and the ongoing war ‘infodemic’
  • safe cultural spaces that provide shelter in Ukraine or host artists, cultural workers and civil society activists forced into exile.
  • artistic and cultural expressions that withstand the harsh realities of conflict and support shared imagination of a peaceful future for Ukraine and Europe.

Please send your requests for support to Incoming proposals will be processed on a rolling basis.