Citizens for Europe supports the Campaign Accelerator!

Citizen mobilization (noun): the art of mobilizing the maximum number of citizens over the long term and transforming the sum of their contributions, online and offline, into concrete victories.

At the heart of Citizens for Europe mission is the will to empower civil society organisations with new skills and methods, to enable them to grow within the community and learn from/share with peers. The CFEU team recently met with the Campaign Accelerator project and, seeing the many objectives both initiatives have in common, decided to donate 10.000€ to support the association development!

What is the Campaign Accelerator about?

Right now, too many citizens are disconnected from the political world, and don’t feel they have the power. Citizens are checking out of democracy : either by abstaining from voting or by rallying around populist movements whose leaders are successfully using people-power campaigning tactics.

Contrary to populist movements, civil society composed of associations, NGOs and citizen groups aren’t able to mobilize outside of their supporter circles, to inspire these undecided, demotivated citizens and offer them a vision and solutions. They are lacking skills in people power campaigning tactics and the sophistication to execute these tactics at scale. In addition, they are often divided and segmented, creating missed opportunities to join forces and present a visionary and credible counter-point that offers a concrete path to solutions on their thematics.

The Campaign Accelerator seeks to counter the extreme right wing and populist push in France and Europe by empowering civil society with the means and tools of people-power campaigning to re-connect with and mobilise the masses of citizens in the “movable middle” to win concrete battles for social justice, environment, the fight against discriminations, and overall citizen engagement.

The Campaign Accelerator has the pedagogy and the tools needed to empower civil society to engage in successful popular mobilizations, create collaborations to re-unite civil society, and win concrete victories set on their vision path. In addition, these mobilizations will reconnect citizens with democracy, making them feel powerful, heard and motivated to participate more via these successful strategies.

How does it work ?

The Accelerator gives organizations the language, tools, and tactics to launch the first stages of a citizen movement via trainings and custom-made accompanying services provided by experts and mentors.

Organizations can follow one-day workshops, intensive programs, but can also benefit from a free coaching via email to learn the basics of citizen mobilisation and how to launch a successful campaign.

Together with the 10.000€ support, Citizens for Europe and the Accelerator have signed a partnership agreement to find synergies and open the benefits of the trainings’ learnings to the CFEU network.

For more information, have a look at their profile and website: