Coffee Break Webinars

Every day, organisations are challenged by changing political contexts, new technologies, lack of resources, isolation, etc. Forging alliances and exchanging good (or bad) practices are a good start to adapt to change and have a bigger/better impact, and that’s perhaps why you joined CFEU !

As our community is growing, counting now more than 500 organisations, we reflected on how to intensify our efforts to encourage knowledge sharing and collective empowerment.

With limited resources (in time, people and money), skills acquisition is sadly rather infrequent within CSOs and, at Citizens for Europe, we want to provide solutions to that.

These past few years, we have offered CFEU members several in-person professional trainings (on advocacy, online communications, facilitation, public speaking…).

Now, we would like to try something new, something that could benefit every organisation registered on the platform, regardless of its geographical location: We are happy to launch a series of exclusive monthly webinars!

Every month, we invite an expert to share his/her knowledge and tips on specific issues that are relevant to European CSOs.

Upcoming webinar:

28/06/2022 Moving away from emotions and prejudices: Understanding racism as a structure, with Samia Hathroubi.

Past webinars:

If you are a registered organisation on CFEU, you can access the recordings of past webinars by sending an email to contact(at)

25/05/2022 Supportive Approach to Fundraising, with Paulina Banas (European Activism Incubator)

10/03/2022 Informative Webinar – Focus on EU programmes: CERV, Horizon Europe & Creative Europe, with Anna Ditta (ALDA)

08/03/2022 Overview of EU funding schemes and priorities 2021-2027, with Anna Ditta (ALDA)

26/02/2020 Breaking through the Brussels maze: Getting your voice heard in the EU bubble , with Diego Naranjo, Head of Policy at EDRi

18/12/2019 How to argue with your intolerant uncle at Christmas dinner ? (How to counter right-wing populism with radical politeness), with Paulina Fröhlich (Kleiner Fünf)

29/11/2019 “Six ideas for rejuvenating European democracy”, with Richard Youngs (Carnegie Europe) and Stephen Boucher (Dreamocracy)

09/10/2019 “Hope-based communications” with Thomas Coombes

23/07/2019 “How to equip your campaigns and shape your messages?” (in partnership with the European Movement International)

12/06/2019 “Citizen Lobbying and Advocacy” (in partnership with The Good Lobby)

If you would like to learn more on a specific topic, please send your suggestions for future webinars to Laetitia Veriter: