#EP2019 – Support for Your Campaign

Citizens for Europe (CFEU) offers small-scale grants for increasing your impact. Thanks again to all CFEU members that made this participative grant-making process possible through their input!

Download the application template, here!


Confronting the current challenges and threats to our European democracies, many civil society organisations are developing initiatives towards the forthcoming European elections. This call aims at offering them leverage support for increasing their visibility and their impact (reach-out, replication and upscaling of the practices, offline and online communication). Based on the needs expressed at our online community survey this summer, the CFEU support will consist of:

  • Small-scale project grants from 3 to 5k EUR (exceptions up to 10k EUR may be considered);
  • Visibility of your project(s)/campaign(s) within the CFEU community, as well as external communication through our social media channels;
  • Help for searching partners.

Eligibility criteria

  • Being registered as a member of Citizens for Europe community: Citizens for Europe (CFEU) is an informal community of engaged European citizens from NGOs, foundations, media, public authorities, willing to expand their networks, share resources and exchange good (and bad) practices. It also serves as a networking platform throughout Europe. CFEU regularly informs its community about European funding and networking opportunities. To register online:
  • The sustainability of the project(s)/campaign(s): The feasibility of the project(s)/campaign(s) for which support is solicited, cannot solely depend on CFEU support. The present application concerns additional activities. CFEU support is therefore to projects that will be implemented in any case. Particular attention will be given to applications targeting the local level, reaching out to “unusual suspects” and involving other CFEU members.

Application process

The application form contains (1) applicant information, (2) a proposal narrative and (3) a draft budget, all in one form. Please download and fill in the application template (.odt, .doc, or .docx) and send it to the Core Team e-mail address before the 25th of November 2018, midnight. A notification about the arrival of your application will be sent to your inbox.

For any question you may have regarding this call or your application, please contact the program manager, Laetitia Veriter: The results will be announced in the week of 17th December 2018.

Reporting & other Requirements

It is our understanding that transparency and reporting are no tools for control, but serve to build mutual trust and learn from success and failures. Close contact to applicants and grantees is best for understanding the needs of CSOs and the built-up of long term relationships. Once a grant is given spending of the money according to the project description is the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Unlike many other granting mechanisms, we consider our support as an investment in the community; we therefore expect the beneficiaries to actively contribute to the development of the platform during the project via content creation and resource sharing on to help the community grow. This can take several forms e.g.:

  • acknowledge the support by CFEU visibly on your project related communication (be it website or other forms)
  • sharing of agenda/ take action/ learn items on the CFEU Website
  • social media references to CFEU on twitter, facebook, or LinkedIn

All the above will find their way into our bi-weekly [Community Update] mailings to the registered organizations. The amount of communications will play a role in the evaluation and will certainly effect future funding programs. In any case the Core Team expects:

  • A short narrative report (1-2 A4 pages) as well as a financial table about all expenditures to be sent to no later than 30 days after the end of the activities described in the application.