Free Online Training: Co-creation and participation to unleash the potential of collective intelligence

After the success of our first online training on Values-Based Framing, we are happy to offer you another opportunity to grow your organisation’s skills with a training on online facilitation and co-creation organized in cooperation with CitizensLab.
This training is aimed for organisations working with participatory and co-creation processes and for (online) meetings with an active involvement of diverse actors and citizens.
The CitizensLab facilitators will create an online learning experience that will give participants practical tools, skills and theoretical approaches to host online and in-person participatory and co-creation processes and meetings. The training is experiential and engaging, participants will be fully engaged to explore and experiment by putting theory into practice, by observing and reflecting together.

You will learn and experience about:

• Participatory methods useful for engaging a diverse group of stakeholders in an interactive and dynamic way
• Models that will help you to work with co-creation and complexity
• Strategies to build collaboration and generate collective knowledge
• Process Design to implement productive meetings
• Listen and contribute to create collective knowledge through the stories, expertise and insights from different people, places and perspectives

Registrations are open until the 14th of February to all organisations having a profile on Citizens for Europe and working (or willing to work) with participatory and co-creation processes.

Please fill in the following form to register:

Participants selected for the training will be notified by email by the 15th of February. Please note that the training will be limited to 20 people and that registered participants are expected to attend all the 3 workshops.


Session 1
Monday 22.02.21 11am-13pm CET
Preparing the field for co-creation

Session 2
Wednesday 24.02.21 11am-13pmCET
Practicing co-creation

Session 3
Friday 26.02.21 5pm-7pm CET
Applying co-creation in my context

After these three sessions, you will have a personal experience of basic facilitation tools and reflective practices that will support you to initiate and host online and in-person processes of co-creation. You will also meet new people, learn from one another, discover their stories, connect and have fun.

About the trainers:

Maria Scordialos: Maria´s work focuses on creating participatory processes that invite people from all backgrounds to have conversations that matter. She designs gatherings, trainings, and longer-term initiatives that provide the opportunity for public engagement, organizational development, systemic change with long-term impact. Her focus, at this time of worldwide crisis, is on how we fundamentally reframing our leadership, governance and systems in order to create new ways of living and working. [Co-founder of the European CitizensLab e.V.]

Alice Priori: facilitator of participatory processes and groups, project manager, network weaver, community of practice host. Through the use of participatory, experiential and interdisciplinary processes and a Social Lab approach, Alice is action-researching on the potential of citizens´ co-creation to radically re-imagine and prototype new ways of being, behaving and interacting that create a just, inclusive, and resilient society. [Co-founder of the European CitizensLab e.V.]