Going local with the second edition of #AssoTech

Last October, Citizens for Europe supported VoxPublic in the organisation of a one-day event to reflect on the topic of digital tools and their use to encourage the participation and mobilisation of marginalized populations. One of the objectives was to foster the links between digital civic actors (”civic tech”) and organisations working in the field of social injustices and to brainstorm on the opportunities that participative digital tools can offer to empower organisations.

Following the success of this seminar, we decided to repeat the experience with a second edition of #AssoTech focusing on the local level in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, near Paris.

#AssoTech93 will take place on the 14th of April (10h-16h) at Magasins Généraux, in partnership with MediaLab93 and the association Eclore.

For one day, we will exchange on how associations use digital tools for their internal developments, external communications, advocacy actions toward decision-makers, etc.

During practical workshops, digital experts will share their experiences and help organisations improve their social media strategies, their storytelling, and their community organizing.

At the end of the day, local decision-makers will be invited to share their views on digital education, its accessibility for people from the popular neighbourhoods, and the role of public authorities.

A day we’re very much looking forward to !

For more information on the previous edition [FR] and the report produced at that occasion :