CivicTech, online petitions, data protection, opensource tools, participatory platforms, open government, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding… : If you’re not completely familiar with those terms, have a look at VoxPublic’s #AssoTech report on good digital practices for associations !

Last October, VoxPublic (with the support of Citizens for Europe) organised a one-day #AssoTech seminar bringing together non-profit actors and ‘digital activism’ experts (including civictech). The general discussion topic was « Discriminations and inequalities : Which digital tools can we use to mobilize disadvantaged citizens, defend their rights, and efficiently call out to decision-makers ? »

A report of this successful seminar, which encouraged peer to peer and good practices exchanges, is now available (in FR) and we’re happy to share it with you ! It presents practical advices, innovative tools and food for thoughts based on VoxPublic’s expertise and experiences gathered during the seminar.