Thanks to the #EP2019 Grant by the Citizens for Europe EUrologus can deliver a comprehensive series of articles and videos focusing on relevant aspects of the European Union for Hungarian citizens ahead of the European elections. Our goal is to raise awareness around issues decided jointly within the EU and explain through topics that citizens come across in their daily life’s different aspects of common politics and decision making.

EUrologus is working based on a comprehensive EU awareness approach that balances factual reporting with opinion articles and besides politics deals with social and citizen’s rights stories. We believe that the EU is a must have, but its policies should be discussed, criticized and through this public discussion ever improved. Our mission is to cover EU affairs driven by these believes.

To underpin our social sensitivity and political justice seeking we made a videos and article series that widens the horizons of Hungarian citizens in regards of what it makes to be a conscious European citizen. We therefore decided to balance between topics that most matter for the Hungarian audience in the context of the European elections and issues that symbolize to be part of Europe in the country. Our article and video series is backed by an multi-channel social media campaign. We are focusing particularly on youth mobilization with the aim of supporting informed voting.

6-part video and article series episodes:

  1. Expat Hungarians across the EU: Shall they vote on the Hungarian EP list or their chosen country’s EP national list?
  2. Hungarian scientists working abroad: Europe’s transport modalities (urban and interurban likewise) are heading to drastic changes: what does the EU plan in this regard?
  3. What does the European Union mean for you? – short citizens interviews recorded at the Europe day events
  4. How effective is the European Union in its direct communication towards European citizen’s?
  5. Hungarian farmers: EU Agricultural subsidies – blessing or curse for farming?
  6. EU elections explainer video for citizens – get the basics just before the election takes place

6 articles ahead of the EP elections:

  1. 10 things that the EU did for Europe in the last 5 years LINK
  2. Analysis of the social media activities of two EU spitzenkandidats: Manfred Weber and Frans Timmermans LINK
  3. Why Hungarians cannot vote online if they can declare taxes LINK
  4. Hungarian youth has barely any idea what’s going on in Brussels? Why? LINK
  5. These are the key countries for the EP election results LINK
  6. What are the real bets of the EP election?