Since most of us in Europe are self-quarantining at home during the coronavirus outbreak, now is a good time to take back the reports and books we never had the time to read, or to finally take a moment to listen to podcasts!

Many members of Citizens for Europe are publishing papers and articles – which you can read in the LEARN-section of this website – others are also producing podcasts on Europe, democracy, citizen participation…

We thought we’d share a few we’ve collected:

Corporate Europe Observatory – EU Watchdog radio

EU Watchdog Radio is a bi-weekly podcast launched by two Brussels NGO’s: Counter Balance and Corporate Europe Observatory. In each episode, we dive deeper into topics that relate to our activities in Brussels. Whether it be steps to increase transparency of lobbies in the EU or how to tackle public investment in a way that works for everyone. We explore it all, right here at EU Watchdog Radio!

The Good Lobby – Citizen Lobbyist

Citizen Lobbyist is a podcast which discusses how policy-making works and how we – citizens – can influence decision-making processes to benefit our communities. In each episode, with TGL founder Alberto, we’re going to have a deep dive into a policy topic. With us, we will have some of the most interesting professionals, lobbyists and advocates in town, who are going to tell us how it is possible to gain a seat at the table, the techniques needed to have an impact, and how to effectively engage with civil society.

Energy Cities – City Stories

Energy Cities’ podcast is for those who want to learn how cities go about with the energy transition. The challenge is big, but there are so many new, collaborative practices that emerge and that make this challenge fun and feasible. Each month Energy Cities invite passionate European guests from different horizons and sectors who dedicate much of their time to making the energy transition more democratic. Each conversation brings out a city’s story as well as very personal opinions and motivations.

Bruegel – The sound of economics

The Sound of Economics is Bruegel’s podcast series that explores Europe’s big economic policy debates. Each episode gathers prominent experts and Bruegel researchers to discuss the importance of issues covered, and explores some of the work that Bruegel researchers have done in the area.

Centre for European Reform – CER Podcasts

The Centre for European Reform is a think-tank devoted to making the European Union work better and strengthening its role in the world.

My climate diet 

My Climate Diet is a podcast focused on practical, personal tips to live a more climate-friendly, sustainable lifestyle.


Good listening !

We’ve surely missed some, so please feel free to share with us links that aren’t listed above !