This toolkit is part of a wider body of work produced by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) exploring racism, discrimination and exclusion as experienced by women of colour through an intersectional lens.

This toolkit aims to challenge dominant diversity management practices to move beyond gender as a singular category and shift toward an intersectional approach to diversity management. It calls for an approach to diversity management that interrogates power structures with in organisations and creates new styles of organizational management. The barriers section provides an on-exhaustive summary of available evidence of the discrimination, exclusion and inequality experienced by women of colour, at an individual level, drawing on direct experiences of women of colour, and at a structural level, based on trends in the European labour market. The solutions section serves as a guide for employers in the form of : a conceptual guide to inform an improved approach to the inclusion of women of colour ; a step-by step guide and checklist ; and resources for employers on adopting an intersectional approach.