AGABY is the umbrella organisation of the democratically elected communal migration and integration councils in Bavaria.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

With 30 communal members, AGABY represents more than 90% of people with migration and / or ethnic minority background. AGABY is the only non-partisan, multi-ethnic, cross-cultural and interreligious interest group in Bavaria with a democratic mandate.

For the past 25 years, AGABY has focussed on securing more political representation, participation and empowerment for all people with migration background.

However, AGABY is legally not recognized as an institution by the State of Bavaria, but it just has the legal status of a registered association.

Main Activities

On the one hand AGABY is providing support to the establishment and structural building of integration councils.

We provide a wide range of workshops and interactive seminars for our members and also for other interested groups.

At the same time we are organising different campaigns, through which we empower our membership.

On the other hand, AGABY is an interest group and lobby organisation, operating at all political levels in Bavaria. We advise the Bavarian government and the Ministries of the State of Bavaria, expose problems related to the Bavarian integration policy, and alert the entire society with regards to integration policy problems.

We have special focus on the following aspekts and topics:

  • political participation
  • voting right
  • double-citizenship
  • any form of discrimination and racism
  • labour market integration
  • schooling and multilingual education
  • emowerment of women