AAG is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization, established in 2000. AAG is operating in concern for the development of the quality of life based on the exercise of proper human relations towards nature and the environment, ethical values, and the respect for all life and the responsibility for it, with the aim to raise awareness among people regarding the continuing significance of protecting nature and the environment for present and future generations.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • sustainable behaviour and development
  • transfer of good practices
  • raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection and of participation in procesess, procedures of decision makers
  • increasing the supervisory role of civil society
  • contributing to higer level of legal literacy (information, education, free legal aid) with the aim of preventing the arbitrariness of the authorities and of reducing differences between the authorities and others without resources or power
  • exercising the right to judicial protection
  • balancing different interests
  • understanding the impact and power of the human role for the future (generations), etc.


Main Activities

Main activities are divided into three parts:

I. Environmental Legal Centre (providing comprehensive free legal assistance for individuals, civil initiatives and other vulnerable groups without resources, involving in processes and procedures, giving opinions, comments on acts and regulations of decision makers on local, regional and national level, etc.),

II. Educational outreach awarness projects (workshops, campaigns, promotions, etc),

III. Eco patrols (field work); monitoring and analysing parametres with  instruments and equipment, reporting, etc.


Alpe Adria Green international org.


Finance and Main Partners

Financing resources Alpe Adria Green:

  • project financing (tenders),
  • membership fees,
  • donations,
  • sale of services (monitoring and analysis of different environmetal parametres – Eco patrols – field work).

Main partners:

  1. Italy: AAG – Green Action – Trieste – Roberto Giurastante
  2. Croatia: AAG – Eko Kvarner – Rijeka – Vjeran Piršić
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina: AAG-Ekološki Savez “Eko Zeleni” KantonTuzla  – Tuzla-  Dr Muhamed Omerović
  4. Serbia: AAG- Zelena Breza- Gacka – Dragan Stojanovič
  5. Serbia – Vojvodina: AAG- Vojvođanska zelena inicijativa Novi Sad– Ruža Helać
  6. Montenegro: AAG – EUROMOST- Bijelo Polje – Almer Mekić
  7. Macedonia: AAG-Dvizenje za okolinata “Molik”- Bitola  – Peter Andes
  8. Kosovo: AAG- Pokret za Kosovo i Metohiju – Kosovska Mitrovica – Stevan Pavićević