AAG is operating in concern for the development of the quality of life based on the exercise of proper human relations towards nature and the environment, ethical values, and the respect for all life and the responsibility for it, with the aim to raise awareness among people regarding the continuing significance of protecting nature and the environment for present and future generations.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Goals / remit

AAG is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, established in 2000. AAG was at first founded by local individuals and civil initiative in accordance of an expectation for single representation of environmental initiatives in Gorenjska, cross border integration, effective environmental actions and nevertheless also of greater effect and influence to creation of environmental policy. It grew to a larger assotiation that is active in several EU and non EU Countries.AAG is distinguished by voluntary work in the field of awareness of population on environmental problems in the region. It is also known as performer of environmental actions and as an initiator of environment – friendly solutions.AAG is active in order to make people aware of ecology end environmental problems. Its main aim is to spread the understanding of the environmental friendly ideas through eco-patrols, organization of public consultations and seminars on actual environmental problems and challenges. Its mission includes attention to sustainable development, other good practices, cooperation with other environmental NGOs..

Main Activities

The organisation’s fields of interests are:​

  • AAG is an association of NGOs, societies, green industry, individuals and entrepreneurs with common environmental interests, established in 2000. We work in all countries of SE of Europe and Italy, where we have our own subsidiaries, and we act in Slovenia as a non-governmental organization in the public interest the field of nature and the environment.
  • The AAG is primarily concerned with the conservation of nature, the protection of the environment, the protection of animals and human health. The AAG’s horizontal activities are aimed at ensuring a healthy living environment in accordance with Article 72 of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, protection of the Adriatic Sea, rivers and rivers, preservation of protected areas, combating climate change, solving ecological problems, education and training and assistance and representation of civil initiatives and members of the AAG in administrative procedures in the field of environmental protection and nature.
  • In its work and setting up activities, AAG follows the needs of local, regional and international environment and nature and relies on the current EU environmental action program with four priorities:- climate change – the long-term goal is to prevent global temperature from rising by more than two degrees compared to pre-industrial temperatures;- nature and biodiversity – EU objectives not only cover the protection of existing species, but also the prevention and control of the invasion of alien species into habitats, which can ruin the balance of our ecosystems;- environment and health and quality of life – reduce the harmfulness of pollution for our health;- natural resources and waste – the EU’s goal is to reduce both the impact of resource use on the environment and the generation of waste along the same scale of economic growth, which basically means increased use of renewable resources, more recycling and better management of waste residues.​


  • Total number of members that are natural persons ( AAG Slovenia):  220
  • Number of member organisations: 14
  • Member organisations (Number of members): 1100

Alpe Adria Green international org.


Finance and Main Partners

Member of the Alpe Adria Green:

  1. Alpe Adria Green: Vojko Bernard – representing the entire AAG
  2. Slovenia: AAG- Sasa Mlakar – Jesenice – performs the function of Secretary General of the total
  3. Italy: AAG – Green Action – Trieste – Roberto Giurastante
  4. Croatia: AAG – Eko Kvarner – Rijeka – Vjeran Piršić
  5. Bosnia and Herzegovina: AAG-Ekološki Savez “Eko Zeleni” KantonTuzla  – Tuzla-  Dr Muhamed Omerović
  6. Serbia: AAG- Zelena Breza- Gacka – Dragan Stojanovič
  7. Serbia – Vojvodina: AAG- Vojvođanska zelena inicijativa Novi Sad– Ruža Helać
  8. Montenegro: AAG – EUROMOST- Bijelo Polje – Almer Mekić
  9. Macedonia: AAG-Dvizenje za okolinata “Molik”- Bitola  – Peter Andes
  10. Kosovo: AAG- Pokret za Kosovo i Metohiju – Kosovska Mitrovica – Stevan Pavicevic