Pro Democracy Association (APD) is a non-governmental, non profit and non-party affiliated organization established in 1990.
APD currently has 31 clubs in which more that 1000 citizens (members and volunteers) participate in implementing projects.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • strengthening democracy at national and international level by encouraging civic participation
  • strengthening the relation between the electorate and its elected representatives
  • observing the correctness of the electoral process, civic education;
  • citizens’ participation in the process of public policies drafting,
  • the transparency of public institutions and their control by the civil society;
  • protecting human rights.
Main Activities
  • monitor local, parliamentary and presidential elections since 1992 (both the domestic ones and, since 2004 those from the entire region),
  • organisation of candidate forums (the first ones held in Romania): meetings between politicians and interest groups aiming to draft laws
  • organisation of seminars on civic education and participation
  • edition and distribution of informative materials
  • project management and developement of activities that increase the degree of democratic consolidation of the communities and of the society as a whole.

development of democratic institutions’ monitoring in the region