Bué Fixe, located in the municipality of Amadora, is a local, non-profit association, made up of young immigrants with African origins in the PALOP (African Countries with Portuguese as Official Language), residents in Portugal. As a youth organization, the priority is to support other young people facing common problems, such as unemployment, social exclusion, discrimination and lack of appropriate information, in order to be able to prevent infection by STD / HIV / AIDS, among other barriers to exercise social and human rights.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • Promote active and critical participation of young people at all levels responsible for defining policies or initiatives that directly or indirectly affect them.
  • Promote the development of activities to protect the health of young people, with priority for the prevention of factors and infections of higher risk, such as sexually transmitted diseases, HIV / AIDS, drug use, early pregnancy, and gender violence, among others.
  • Promote exchange activities at local, national and international levels.
  • Develop partnerships to promote the development of networking with other young organizations at a local, national and international level.
  • Promote youth participation in volunteer activities.
  • Promote activities of occupation of free time to gather children with old people.
  • Promote the development of non-formal education activities.
  • Promote training activities adapted to these young people.
  • Promote social inclusion of young people, bringing them to public services responsible for responding to their human, cultural, social, economic and other more specific rights.
  • Promote gender equality among this particular population.
Main Activities
  • Radio Space Bue Fixe (2007): This space presents different topics of interest to young people in order to lead their attention to other kind information more related with social, economic and cultural integration. The main objectives are the promotion of dialogue and cooperation among young people, tolerance and social cohesion.
  • The media in promoting youth access social rights (2009): This program was the result of the project “ENTER”, through the Council of Europe, which trained young people from different European countries for the sound and sustainable development origins, strategies and pursuit of their social rights, especially by young people living in deprived neighborhoods in Europe.
  • Media Young, our response to HIV / AIDS (2009/2013): The program uses the media and tools like Information Technology / Communication / Education, produced by young people, to promote access to information about services / prevention / treatment of sexually transmitted infections as well as HIV / AIDS, for young people living in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Amadora.
  • Bué Fixe TV (2013): This program aims to produce and publish informative YouTube videos with content of interest expressly shown by young people, and answers to other youngsters’ questions, as a way to lead their attention to information that can help them in the process of social integration, especially to promote the exercise of human and individual rights.
  • Opportunities Bué Fixe (2013): This program has the primary objective of spreading various types of opportunities aimed at young people, with special attention in the field of employment, training, internships, exchanges, conferences, seminars and programs for and with young people, able to promote and support the process of training and social integration.
  • Healthy Living (2013): The program began with specific training actions for the team involved in the video area such as planning, filming and editing. Today it is a program that uses audiovisual tools to produce educational videos with and for young people. The overall objective is to educate citizens, giving priority to young people on issues that directly affect health, such as food, sexuality and reproduction, and other related factors, such as exercise responsible citizenship and home economics or other phenomena that arise interest or doubts.
  • Art and Life (2013): The objectives of this project are based on the promotion of the culture of several countries that embody the CPLP (Community of Countries of Portuguese Language), through workshops and cultural events, capable of spreading the various identities and cultural events.

Bué Fixe is highlighted by the impact caused among young people through its several communication channels and various actions:

Production and dissemination of radio programs for and with young people in RDP Africa; Performing for and with young Bué Fixe magazine; Weekly delivery via SMS and Facebook, more than 500 educational and informational messages aimed at preventing STD / HIV / AIDS; Intervention actions and awareness campaigns with priority for risk prevention of infection by STD / HIV / AIDS, unwanted pregnancy and safe pregnancy; Organization and participation in training sessions, workshops, seminars, lectures and discussions with and for young people both nationally and internationally.


In 2012 Bué Fixe was nominated by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale (Italy) for the Bué Fixe / World Citizens partnership, through the project “Media Young, Our Response to HIV / AIDS” for the “Global Junior Challenge” International Award in the category of “use of new information technologies and communication for immigrants and refugees inclusion.”

Since 2011, Bué Fixe receives the award of Distinction MTV United for Solidarity granted by the “MTV Linked for Talent”, MTV Portugal initiative.

Delivery of the “Young Entrepreneur Social Aids & Mobility”, to the president of Bué Fixe, Dynka Amorim, in 2010 European Prize.

In 2013 it was recognized as an example of good practice by the United Nations for Migration and Health at the World Youth Report.

In 2017 we received a recognition from the Gilead GENESE programme for our community Project “Com Consciência” (Be Aware), which aims to promote Sexual Health and HIV prevention among the youngsters of Amadora

Finance and Main Partners

We are based on a volunteer working system, but we have received some funds for Human Resources from Health Programmes such as Gilead GENESE, that are allowing to pay minimum wages to the Youth workers involved in specific projects.

We also receive the allocations of our members and a small annual support from the local authorities