Bulgarian Fund for Women is the only indigenous donor for local NGOs, that work on women’s and girl’s rights, on real gender equality in all social spheres and on elimination of all forms of discrimination.

Legal form
Main Activities
The main objectives of BFW are:
* To support the Bulgarian women’s human rights organizations working to raise gender awareness of society and for recognition of women’s rights as human rights.
* To strengthen Bulgarian NGO capacity to work on women’s and girls inclusion and empowerment, and improve their skills for mobilizing local resources for their sustainable development.
* To support alternative and innovative women’s initiatives.
* To support independent monitoring of government’s commitments and initiatives related to gender equality in Bulgaria.
* To support cooperation between NGOs working on gender equality on national and local level.
* To promote a new vision for philanthropy as an instrument for social change.
* To support the civil society development in Bulgaria as a precondition for irreversibility of the democratic process.