There are councils or advisory councils for integration in almost all municipalities to represent the political interests of migrants. In some municipalities they are also known as Ausländer(bei)rat (councils or advisory councils for foreign nationals) or Migrations(bei)rat (migration councils or advisory councils). They advise the municipal and/or city councils in all matters related to migrants and integration. They are entitled to file motions and to speak in many municipalities.

The integration councils and integration advisory councils are elected by all the migrants in a municipality as a rule. The advisory councils for integration and foreign nationals have formed joint working parties in many Federal Länder. BZI is the roof organisation of those working groups in Länder.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • enhancing political participation rights for migrants
  • fight against racism, discrimination and exclusion
  • enhancing intercultural and diversity competence
Finance and Main Partners

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees