CEIPAZ, The Centre for Peace Research and Education, studies the relationship between conflict, development and education from a multidisciplinary perspective.
It analyzes the main trends in the international system and promotes education in the areas of peace and development.
CEIPAZ forms part of the international network as Global Action to Prevent War and Women League for Peace and Freedom
CEIPAZ was founded in 2007 and it belong to Culture of Peace Foundation chair by Federico Mayor Zaragoza ( Secretary General UNESCO 1978-1998)
Their main activities are research, training and raise awareness about the Culture of Peace.

Legal form
Research center – Think Tank

– To promote and disseminate information and analysis on the main trends in the international system and the response to these in the form of proposals and alternatives.
– To analyze the policies for prevention and conflict resolution in Latin America within a multilateral framework.
– To generate proposals and recommendations to strengthen existing policies.

Main Activities

– A Yearbook on international trends that examines the main challenges to peace, as well as the proposals and alternatives that have been put forth by multilateral organizations, the government and civil society.
– To identify the main sources of tension and the causes of direct and structural violence in Latin America.
– To develop training programs that encourage the understanding of the link between peace, development and global citizenship and that generate synergies between the relevant actors.


– Role of civil society in peace building, particularly the role of women in promoting peace.
– Raise awareness about development issues and their link with peace.
– Use of TIC for promoting solidarity and peace in the society.