The European Centre Robert Schuman (CERS) aims to contribute to the influence of the vision, action and memory of Robert Schuman, cooperating with the General Council of Moselle and the Robert Schuman Foundation.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– To reinforce the link between Europe and its citizens
– To let people discover the values ​​and history of European integration
– To inform the thinking about the purposes and challenges in Europe.
– To better inform people about the role of the EU in our society, and develop European citizenship and culture.

Main Activities

The CERS develops services, pedagogies and innovative practices in the european and intercultural fields of information and of socio-educational and socio-cultural activities.
* The educational and intercultural European activity of the Robert Schuman Centre promotes participation in representative democracy or the learning of participation for young people, also those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
* All the European activities are multilingual, particularly in the two languages ​​most used in Europe: French and German. The acticités are also available in Spanish or English depending on the origin of the participants and their language skills.
* The socio-educational and socio-cultural european and intercultural activities proposed by the Centre are within school education. They are organized by professionals and volunteers, particularly in Europe, and they contribute to the development of the European citizenship of participants.


– Activities at the Musum Robert Schuman of Scy-Chazelles to grow the public flows
– Organisation of events for the general public
– Organisation of trainings for teachers

Finance and Main Partners

It is mainly supported by the European Union.