Citizens For Europe (CFE) is a civil society organization and social business based in Berlin. We foster inclusion, democracy and solidarity towards a more participatory society at the local and European level. We fight intersectional discrimination and racism. We advocate for social justice and full political participation, and we strive for representation of all marginalized communities.

Legal form
Non-profit social business
  • Facilitate transnational cooperation and strengthen civil society and solidarity across Europe.
  • Empower and connect civil society actors and activists across Europe
  • Advocate for inclusion, participation and social justice
Main Activities
  • Support, empower and network activists who stand against the erosion of democracy, the rise of nationalism and white supremacy, as well as the shrinking of civic spaces where civil society is under pressure.
  • With a re-granting scheme, support and empower people on the ground throughout Germany who oppose racism and are committed to the recognition of diversity.
  • Provide foundations, public and private actors with our network and expertise in the field of diversity and anti-racism, workshop facilitation and moderation, re- and micro-granting and audio-visual project documentation.
  • Develop strategies, demands and concepts for the development of inclusive administrations, organizations and companies and support private and public institutions in their efforts to become more inclusive.
  • Applied research, diversity reporting and equality data collection
  • Conduct research to identify hurdles and evaluate policies and activities designed to enhance and deepen inclusion.
  • design a multi-stakeholders’ process and accompany a series of workshops to create a sustainable environment for dialogue
  • Raise awareness on the topic of Voting rights for All
  • Transnational network of local and European civil society actors, grassroot activists, academics, politicians, and cultural institutions.
  • Conducting applied research on diversity and discrimination using context-specific methods
  • Expertise on various topics: diversity, anti-racism, voting right, citizenship, participative and deliberative democracy
  • Producing multimedia documentation
  • Facilitation and moderation: Designing and implementing interactive and participatory workshops, as well as trainings with informal education methods.
  • developing a diverse range of analog and digital publications – from the concept to the final printing.