The association Citizens For Europe e.V. is a non-partisan, nonprofit organisation, established by young Europeans from throughout the Union in the beginning of 2010 to foster and support the European Union project.
The different projects of Citizens For Europe e.V. are carried out by young individuals in different European countries who are connected to various NGOs, initiatives or other projects in their community.
The overall coordination lies with the team in Berlin.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– develop and promote a new and modern form of a transnational EU citizenship that is independent of national and cultural attributes
– empower citizens in the EU to fully exert their desire for political participation.

Main Activities

– gather valuable European and local partners and resources
– develop the social and political network,
– publish Open Citizenship – The Journal
– organise workshops focusing on models of European citizenship and modes of political participation.

Future projects include a conference, exhibitions, video and art projects and other activities, which aim to develop and promote new ideas of citizenship and political participation beyond and across national and cultural boarders.


– transnational network of EU citizens active in local european NGOs
– new conception of a transanational european citizenship
– promotion of an active and participatory citizenship