Citizens of Europe is a politically independent, non-governmental and non-profit oriented network founded in 2002.
It is a network of people from diverse backgrounds which is open for everybody who sees diversity as an opportunity.
Members of the network cooperate in a wide range of projects, conviced that there is a lack of coordinated independent civil action in Europe and that many local initiatives in Europe could profit from sharing contacts, infrastructure and knowledge.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– Contribute to an active civil society in Europe
– learn and gain experience within the network
– assure high quality standards in the network activities.

Main Activities

– organisation of the OpenFora: conceptual platforms in the form of weekend debates in various locations in Europe. They setup spaces where European diversity and citizenship can be experienced in practice. Their objective is to bring together sophisticated people from all over Europe? regardless of their age, social or professional background in order to exchange views and experience on topics related to current social and political life in Europe.

– participation in the European Citizens Initiative campaign
organisation of « MyEurope »: a film contest addressing active Europeans, artists and filmmakers, to reflect and create their views and opinions on a vision of Europe.

– ArtInterventions is an interdisciplinary programme that brings together local, national and European artists and scholars to disadvantaged communities in order to identify socio-economical-political processes that are taboo in the community and find, through community participation, innovative ways to deal with them.

– ACTIVacting is a network that implements a series of our training for Europe seminars.


– the international programmes and the variety of the publics targeted.