Civic Alliance-Latvia (CAL) is an umbrella advocacy organization for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) at the national level, more than 120 member organizations that join together over 70 000 individuals (70% of Latvian inhabitants involved in NGOs) and 27 500 individuals abroad (11% of Latvian diaspora). CAL has been the leading partner to conduct the creation of historically important turning points for the civic society, such as the Memorandum of understanding between the government and NGOs, Memorandum of understanding between the Riga City Council and NGOs, declaration on Parliament cooperation with NGOs, and the initiation of the World NGO Day. CAL has the status of “public beneficial organization.”

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • improve the legal and financial environment for the NGO sector in Latvia
  • strengthen the capacity of the NGOs for efficient public advocacy performance
Main Activities
  • CAL shapes the agenda on NGO and civil dialogue issues at the national level by monitoring legal acts and submitting opinions to the Latvian government and parliament.
  • CAL systematically works on issues strengthening the financial sustainability of the civil society in Latvia.
  • CAL provides consultations to NGOs and individuals on fund-raising, good governance, legal and advocacy aspects, book-keeping and civic participation strategies.
  • CAL carries out research on a regular basis, e.g. annual USAID CSO Sustainability Index (CAL covers Latvia), bi-annual civil society report,
  • designing and approbating online tools for measuring intensity of citizen engagement.
  • CAL’s weekly e-newsletter provides information flow from public administration to civil society and vice versa.

large network of NGOs in Latvia

Finance and Main Partners
  • Project grants
  • Economic activities
  • Membership fees
  • donations