Civic Alliance - Latvia is an umbrella NGO, founded in 2004 which unites more than 107 non-governmental organizations and private members.
CAL advocates interests of the NGO sector in Latvia, identifies and tries to resolve problems in the non-governmental (NGO) sector, supports and fosters the participation incentives on NGOs in the decision making process and represents the interests of NGOs in communication with public authorities.

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

– Improve legal and financial environment for the non-governmental sector in Latvia
– Strengthen capacity of the NGOs for efficient public advocacy performance
– Promote participation and respect of NGOs interests in Latvia in development, implementation and supervision of national policies;
– Increase capacity of NGOs in the field of advocacy, representation, and realisation of interests of the society;
– Promote work of NGOs and increase awareness of NGOs in the society;
– Promote participation and increase impact of Latvia’s NGOs in EU and international area.

Main Activities

– CAL provides information about EU issues, legislation, funding, education, motivation and engagement,
– it offers legal and book-keeping advice
– carries out research initiatives
– CAL regularly summarizes and spreads information about different sources of funding available for the non-governmental organizations in Latvia.
– CAL NGO library offers several books about the available financial sources and other usefull information for the NGOs.


large network of NGOs in Latvia

Finance and Main Partners

– membership fees
– donations