CIVIX is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting civic engagement and youth interest in politics in Belgium.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

CIVIX (asbl) is a citizens’ initiative, student and entirely voluntary, which aims to fight against the vote by default and the rate of abstention of vote among the young Belgian citizens. Initiated a little less than a year ago, CIVIX now has no less than 27 student volunteers from different faculties and universities.

The three main objectives of the association:

  • Help young people to better understand the functioning of the Belgian political system.
  • Stimulate young people’s interest in politics and raise awareness of the challenges of elections.
  • Restoring the confidence of young people in politics
Main Activities

The CIVIX team is developing a platform that will allow citizens to vote in full knowledge of the upcoming elections in May 2019. The three main features of the platform:

  • Comparison of political programs
  • Interaction with political parties
  • Educational tools
Finance and Main Partners

With the financial support of French-Speaking Brussels Parlement (Parlement francophone bruxellois) and Wallonie-Brussels Federation (Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles).

Other supports : European Parliament, ULB, UCLouvain, Brussels Parlement, Conseil de la Jeunesse, Young Talks & Solvay Entrepreneurs (Start.LAB).