LE DRENCHE is a debate newspaper.
The concept is quite simple: for every important society issue, it delivers to every citizen two opposing pitches, written by competent, and legitimate writers.
The aim is that, after having read the two opposing arguments, the reader is able to form his very own opinion. In helping people having an opinion on society issues, it eases civic engagement.

Legal form

Today, 7 French people on 10 consider that democracy doesn’t work out very well. But 80% of them are concerned about society problems. And 89% consider that politics don’t take care about what they think. There are plenty of stats like that. They all have something in common : democracy isnt’ working ou well, and it’s urgent to do something to recreate a link between the citizens and the public matters. We’ve decided to bring our stone to the building, with a new media. We think that, if citizens are better informed about the important matters, if they have the arguments of both sides, side by side, with the same place to read them, they will be able to take back the democracy.

How? Le Drenche is a unique way to make your own opinion. By working with experts, NGOs and several civic tech start up, we bring our reader tools and easy ways to act according to their opinion, to debate, to speak with opponents, to build bridges, to compare political programs and vote.

At the end, we’d like to reduce abstention, and help citizens to know why they vote.