ECIT is a think tank, which aims at developing a holistic approach to European citizenship.

The aim is that it should become a multidisciplinary resource bringing together different aspects of this transnational citizenship – a virtual and physical meeting place for dialogue and knowledge sharing among the scattered community of interest involved.

Legal form
  • placing Union citizenship in a broader framework
  • bringing about a more coherent citizenship within the European Union
  • introducing reforms for a full-scale European citizenship
Main Activities

ECIT Foundation (on European Citizens’ Rights, Involvement and Trust) was established as a public foundation under Belgian law on 3 June 2015. In the world of European think-tanks, it fills a gap being the only one to concentrate solely on European Citizenship. ECIT is becoming a resource of know-how, research, and contacts, but also one of support for civil society organisationsacademics and policy makers when they work on this theme. So far, the Foundation has to its credit a book: Piecing together Europe’s citizenship, published in English and French.


ECIT Guidelines