Launched in 2010, the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement – EGAM gathers the main 35 antiracist organizations from 29 European countries in order to fight racism, antisemitism, racial discrimination and genocide denial across Europe.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– Fight against racism, antisemitism, racial discrimination and genocide denial at a truly European Level.
– Reinforce the antiracist movement in each country
– Lobby and influence European and national institutions
– Structure an active and integrated European civil society against racism and for the promotion of democratic values.

Main Activities

– Simultaneous grassroots actions in several European countries such as European Testing Campaigns in 15 countries or the Roma Pride in 13 countries.
– Lobbying activities towards European institutions and national decision makers in order to influence decision making processes and ensure a representation of the antiracist civil society at the institutional level.
– Training seminars for leaders of the European antiracist civil society in order to empower the antiracist sector with key historical or technical knowledge (History of the Holocaust, Situation Testing, Immigration, Roma issues, Far-right movements).
– Meetings of antiracist leaders on several issues so that they can meet, exchange best practices and lead projects together.