Energy Cities is the European Association of local authorities inventing their energy future.
The association created in 1990 represents now more than 1,000 towns and cities in 30 countries.
In 2012, Energy Cities initiated a process aimed at making and debating proposals for accelerating the energy transition of European cities and towns.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– To strengthen your role and skills in the field of sustainable energy.
– To represent your interests and influence the policies and proposals made by European Union institutions in the fields of energy, environmental protection and urban policy.
– To develop and promote your initiatives through exchange of experiences, the transfer of know-how and the implementation of joint projects.

Main Activities

– Coordiation or participation in European projects and campaigns in the framework of programmes such as INTERREG, CONCERTO or Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE). The goal is to promote the exchange of experience between members and aid local project.
– Organisation of annual conferences hosted by a town or city member of Energie-Cités and organised in a different country each year. The subjects dealt with are highly topical and have a European dimension.
– Organisation of study tours for its members to better understand how things function in these cities and use this information as a source of inspiration in their own municipality.
– Promotion of its members’ events.


– Important European Network
– Variety, relevance and number of proposals for an environmental friendly European Union. These proposals are based on innovative approaches, new ideas and groundbreaking practices. They provide practical answers and link today’s action to the long-term vision of a low energy city with a high quality of life for all.

Finance and Main Partners

Energy Cities is an independent organisation funded by the members fees, contracts with the European Commission or national institutions and partially private sponsors.