The Association was born in 2011.
This group and a parellel groupe website ( provide a forum for people willing to work to change the catalan school system’ approach towards native speakers of languages taught in the schools.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– the recognition of English as a heritage language (in Catalan, a llengua d’origen), which would make it possible to sponsor after-school mother-tongue English classes in Catalan schools, beginning at age 6 (ten other languages are already recognised as llengües d’origen);
– the recognition of children who speak English at home and attend Catalan schools as special needs learners for whom English as a foreign language instruction is not appropriate;
– advanced/enriched English instruction, especially at the secondary level;
– and, in the long-term, English-Catalan dual-language education.

Main Activities

We serve as interlocutors with education policy makers, take part in think tanks, and help organise events of interest to those interested in multilingual children.


We believe that publicly funded schools should stream children who are native or near-native speakers of English into enriched, content-based English classes.
We believe that fostering a dual-language, cosmopolitan identity in these children, both as learners and as future citizens, will be of incalculable benefit to Catalan society as it meets the challenges of a knowledge-based, globalized economy whose lingua franca is English.
In the long term, we would like to lobby for public funding of English-Catalan bilingual education. Dual-language schooling is a well-established option in publicly funded primary and secondary education in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and some German Länder.