Enviropea is an association created in September 2002 by the members of the former equipe of the Technical Assistance of the European Commission for LIFE Environment in France.

Enviropea is specialised in the areas of environment and sustainable development (also energies and climate change) but the « transversality » of those themes and their integration in all the policies and financial instruments of the EU make enviropea address and master all the fields of intervention and all the European action programmes.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– help to the understanding and knowledge of european policies, actions, financial instruments
– assist public and private project holders in the preparation of projects, mobilisation of fundings, and all the intervetions (follow up, evaluation, diffusion of results) needed to ensure the succes of EU financed projects

Main Activities

– information on european projects and european funding through the website of the association and the newsletter
– publication of brochures, bimonthly letters and the official journal of the EU
– organisation of trainings on European project set up


– in-depth knowledge of european financial mechanisms
– assistance in the set up of european projects
– clarification of the European policies and of the european fundings and call for proposals