EucA is a European network of Halls of residence for University students that have an educational program which goes beyond nearly offering accommodation.

These Halls offer as well academic courses, workshops, tutoring and volunteering opportunities to their students with the aim of preparing them to become active citizens and highly skilled professionals. The Halls are thriving living and learning communities that integrate the hard skills of academic knowledge with the soft skills that allow a successful personal and professional development.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Collaborations in the areas of:

  • European active citizenship
  • quality international mobility
  • soft skills training and their recognition
Main Activities

In the area of active citizenship, EucA involves University students in international debates, workshops, volunteering schemes in the context of:

  • Cambridge Summer School on European Political Identity, running for 2 weeks every year since 2010;
  • EU projects: Promoting a Responsible European Citizenship; Dissent, Conscience and the Wall; Message to Europeans 3.0
  • local events in Halls of Residence organised by students and staff on topics of interest of the student community

During all its initiatives, EucA strives to have an multidisciplinary analysis and conversation, both on topics discussed and people present, and to combine plenary discussions with hands-on workshops that develop students’ critical thinking, initiative and communication skills.

  • network of student affairs professionals aimed at students’ holistic growth
  • will to combine hard and soft skills training
  • multidisciplinary
  • educational project that encourage active citizenship and volunteering
Finance and Main Partners

EucA is member of the following international associations:


LLL Platform – Lifelong Learning Platform

IASAS – International Association of Student Affairs and Services

NASPA – Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education