The European Nature Heritage Fund – EuroNatur is a non-profit foundation which stands up for the conservation of the European nature heritage on many different levels, e.g. via special species protection projects, renaturation measures, and site protection as well as political lobbying activities or environmental education.

EuroNatur projects are long-term and often cross-border projects aiming not only at the protection of nature, but also at an ecological development of the respective rural areas. Without considering the needs of the people, long-term protection of natural resources is not possible.

Therefore, EuroNatur always cooperates closely with regional partner organisations and local residents. Regional development and nature protection accompany each other. Like this, new jobs are created and the quality of life is improved.

Legal form

– EuroNatur protects the most important wildlife habitats and corridors.
– ashore: protection projects for bears, wolves, and lynx.
– aquatically: protection projects e.g. for Mediterranean monk seals or Eurasian otters.
– in the air: protection projects for migratory birds and bats.
– in Brussels, EuroNatur is one of the most important advocates for the European nature.
– with concrete projects, EuroNatur shows how sustainable rural development protects nature, creates new jobs, and improves the quality of life.
– EuroNatur interconnects and supports local nature protection organisations.
– EuroNatur creates an international network of scientists, environmentalists, farmers, politicians and businessmen for the benefit of the environment and the humans.
– EuroNatur supports young environmentalists and the spreading of knowledge about nature.
– EuroNatur supports and provides environmental education.

Main Activities

– Protection of endangered species.
– Protection of habitats.
– Focusing on the rural development.
– Lobbying and advocacing in Brussels.


– A special interest for the development of rural areas, which are crucial for the nature protection.
– Nature protection can’t be acheived against or without the local inhabitants.
– An international programme of activities jointly to a presence in Brussels (action and lobbying).

Finance and Main Partners

– Sponsors
– Deutsche Lufthansa AG
– Gelsenwasser
– Stadtwerke Bielefeld