Non-governmental organisation founded in 2003, EuropaNova promotes European public debate and the general interest.

EuropaNova was founded at the initiative of William Klossa by young professionals who wish to undertake concrete actions to mobilise and inform citizens about European integration by promoting a direct dialogue between citizens and policy makers in the EU.

EuropaNova promotes actions allowing European citizens to question policymakers, including the European Council and the various national and EU institutions, Parliament and European Commission.

In 2007, EuropaNova was at the initiative of the first States General of Europe.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • Create the conditions for a modern attractive European civic debate in France and Europe
  • Relaunch the European institutional dynamics
  • Contribute to the emergence of a new European generation
  • Mobilise European and National leaders for the general European interest
Main Activities
  • Innovation in Politics Awards: find and show personnalities who’s political work that improves our lives as Europeans, and also unites and inspires us.
  • Citizens Hearings: aiming to promote the dialogue between the « great men » of the European integration with the representatives of the new generation of civil society. Far from the usual formats of debate, Citizens hearings prefer direct dialogue beyond the traditional political divisions. Representatives of several associations, but also the public have the opportunity to question the guest on major topics.
  • Young opinion leaders for Europe: 25 to 30 people with high potential aged between 25 and 40, coming from different backgrounds, working for the promotion of a collective European identity. These future leaders of opinion in the Member States can become promoters of values ??and priorities of the European dimension in their professional field as well in their respective countries, and more widely within the EU and beyond.
  • Conventions «Europe to come»: the debate on «Europe to come» aims to raise European political issues and generate proposals for political solutions while contributing to the emergence of the future European leaders, stemming from the « Erasmus generation ».
  • States General: EuropaNova launched in September 2006 the idea of the States General, nearly 60 years after the Hague Congress. The challenge: re-engage the European civil society after the failure of the Constitutional Treaty and create a forum for discussion, meeting and dialogue between citizens and officers of the Union. See[]
  • An approach clearly oriented towards young European leaders
  • A willingness to debate and challenge the European institutions
  • The establishment of the States General and the willingness to make proposals for the future of Europe
  • Europe seen as the « only concrete laboratory for future global governance »