Europe & Enterprises was founded in 1989 by business leaders to inform them, to raise their awareness of European developments they were involved in, and to make them participate in these transformations.

Europe and Enterprises gathers over a hundred business leaders from countries of the European Union. Small enterprises represent about 30% of members.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– Involve European business leaders who play a key role in the economic and social future.
– Make them aware of their common interests despite the competition and the apparent differences.
– Provide information to national and European authorities to promote the elements of convergence.

Main Activities

Over the years, Europe and Enterprises organised in addition to a tour of Europe of capitalism, many international conferences, it has weighed on economic and social debates and has developed expertise in key areas such as the European Pension Funds, the risks for the companies or the European definition of SMEs.


An association of business leaders concerned about Europe.