The European Activism Incubator supports, equips and strengthens change-makers and change-making organizations to bring about positive change and improve our societies.

We are a non-profit organization based in Brussels, pursuing the values of social justice and inclusion, equality and equity, emancipation and empowerment, ecology and sustainability.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
Main Activities

We support non-profit projects and initiatives, and for-profit ones with a positive social or environmental impact, and assist change-makers to become more effective.

Our main areas of activity include:
– training, mentoring and process facilitation,
– advice and support to non-profit start-ups (incubation),
– projects and experimentation,
– services.

We see change-making as an art and a skill. Our work is based on systems thinking and we see power as a living organism emergent from interconnected structures. We seek to discover ways of driving change effectively by understanding this inner circuitry.