Supporting people and initiatives that let us share, experience and imagine Europe.

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Main Activities

Our vision

We have a vision for Europe. A continent where all can live, work, dream and express themselves freely, in diversity and harmony. Where we share a sense of belonging based on solidarity, mutual respect between people and with collaborations across borders of all kinds.

We believe in the power of culture to achieve this Europe. Culture helps us negotiate ways of living together, build and understand our multiple identities and make Europe our home. It offers the space to question and redefine the principles we stand for and helps develop and preserve feelings of mutual comprehension and solidarity.

Feeling European does not come from pie charts and growth rates. It comes from sharing stories and experiences. Culture connects and unites us and invites us to imagine different futures.

Our mission

Our societies face challenges that affect all of us and generations to come; climate crises, growing inequalities, polarization, digitalization and for the time to come: the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. We believe these challenges need courageous and imaginative answers from a united Europe.

We have pioneered in growing a European sentiment for over 65 years, and our mission is as urgent as when we first started. Today we are committed to promoting a European sentiment through culture, by developing and supporting initiatives that let us share, experience and imagine Europe.

We do this by providing grants, building communities, offering incubator programs and online platforms, giving awards, organizing events and challenges, publishing books and building alliances, all supported by advocacy and communications.

Every program, grant or collaboration is a block added to the foundation of our common European future. Step by step, day by day, collaboration by collaboration.