ELN (European Learning Network Ltd) is a London, UK based organisation focusing on youth & adult education and training solutions. Over the years it has grown into a consortia of UK and EU education providers, of colleges, universities, VET skills organisations to NGOs, SMEs and governmental education agencies. We have delivered a number of European Union initiatives from Career Education in VET, vocational and enterprise skills to social Inclusion programmes. ELN’s vision and mission is to "develop enterprise culture through creativity and innovation".

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Core focus 3Es: Embrace, Enhance, Empower

Embrace diversity

Enhance knowledge

Empower people

Main Activities

With experienced trainers, teachers and mentors who have engaged in both academic and non-academic roles, introducing Enterprise and new technologies schemes in a number of educational institutions, ELN engages learners into increasing their self esteem. These strong transferable life skills allow the learners to embark on meaningful personal journeys and perhaps consider becoming future mentors and trainers themselves or even starting their own (social) enterprises, alleviating some of the issues related to unemployment in London and other EU cities. Also, together with our associated organisations, we bring an entrepreneurial approach to the personal journeys of disaffected and marginalized people integrating them into the society where they embrace diversity, enhance knowledge and empower people.

Finance and Main Partners

Lifelong Learning and ERasmus+ via EU cofunding